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Nickel X-750 Supplier

Nickel alloy X-750 is a nickel-chromium alloy that provides excellent tensile strength, creep resistance, and high corrosion resistance. As a nickel alloy supplier, we’ve worked with this precipitation-hardenable alloy for a long time. If you need a metal that keeps going strong after many years of use, X-750 is an excellent choice.


What Nickel Alloy X-750 Is Known For?

Alloy X-750 is a good solution for high-temperature industrial applications where metal deformation and corrosion are a risk. What makes this alloy stand out is its affinity with precipitation hardening. Nickel X-750 that has been precipitation hardened offers excellent resistance to wear and retains its shape well, even in demanding operating environments.


Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of alloy X-750 is primarily nickel (at least 70%), with 14% to 17% chromium, 5% to 9% iron, and 2.25% to 2.75% titanium. Trace metals include aluminum, niobium, manganese, copper, and sometimes cobalt. The titanium contributes to a low thermal coefficient of expansion and enhances creep resistance at high temperatures.


Which Nickel X-750 Products and Processing Options We Offer

As a longtime nickel alloy supplier, we offer a range of alloy X-750 shapes and gauges. Common products include alloy sheets and coils. If your organization requires other formats, such as round bars, plates, or tubes, we can provide custom solutions or source them from our extensive network of international partners.


How Modern Industries Use Nickel X-750

The combination of surface hardness, tensile strength, and streamlined machinability make nickel alloy X-750 a popular choice for a huge range of industries:

  • Medical device manufacturing: Medical tools and device parts
  • Aerospace: Jet engine rotors and aircraft structural parts
  • Metalworking and fabrication: Extrusion dies, molds, and forming tools
  • Power: Gas turbines and nuclear reactor components
  • Petrochemical: Pressure vessels, bolts, and structural components
  • Dry goods manufacturing: Springs and fasteners for high-temperature processes

Another reason industrial businesses like X-750 is its cost-effectiveness for many applications.

How Alloy X-750 Performs in Demanding Applications

High tensile strength, wear resistance, and creep resistance aren’t the only reasons to choose X-750 alloy.

Corrosion Resistance

Like many nickel alloys, nickel X-750 is resistant to many types of industrial corrosion, including chloride stress-corrosion cracking. It also strongly resists oxidation.

Temperature Stability

Precipitation-hardened alloy provides optimal performance at temperatures up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Where surface hardness is less important, heat-treated X-750 remains operational at up to 1,800 degrees.

Why We’re a Trusted Nickel Alloy Supplier?

At Arbor Metals TM TM TM, we have the knowledge and experience you need to select the right metal alloy for the job. As a nickel alloy supplier, we put quality and tight tolerances first, meeting demanding specifications. Contact us for more information about nickel X-750 products.

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