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Welding Services

What is Welding?

Welding is a fabrication process that joins ‘like’ materials together, usually metals or thermoplastics.  The process applies high heat or pressure and a ‘filler’ or ‘consumable’, usually welding wire to join the separate parts together.   When the joined parts are allowed to cool, a permanent bond is created.  Unlike brazing or soldering, welding melts the base material and filler together, so that after the process the joint and parent material are nearly indistinguishable.  The joined parts are sometimes referred to as a ‘weldment’.  

The material added to help form the joint are called filler metals.   These consumables are typically welded by a similar material to the parent material, to create a uniformed product.  When a specific property or properties are needed in the welded product, a different ‘base metal consumable’ may be used to match the properties needed. 

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Industrial Welding Capabilities

Welding Capabilities

Welds are completed to customer specifications and request, with welding capabilities up to .500” on Stainless Steel Plates.  Each weld is inspected by our team for quality assurance. Arbor Metals TM TM works with a variety of alloys including:

We have the expertise to create a variety of different weldments to the exact specifications for your project.

Why Arbor Metals TM TM Welding services? 

We work with you to craft the product that is best suited for your project. Whatever your challenge, we can help. We have the inventory and equipment to handle minor weldments and major ‘build to print’ structures. We are the best in the business;  we can supply individual cut pieces to your job site with part numbers etched and marked for you to weld and erect.  Or we can ship weldments directly to your site ready for installation. Our team is experienced and flexible, which allows us to deliver the most superior fabrication solution for your industry. Our typical customers are in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Infrastructure, or Shipbuilding industries.

Arbor Metals TM TM is here to assist you with your project.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our sales team today.

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